PiCS High School

PiCS High School aims to level the playing field by offering free assistance with:

  • ACT/SAT prep
  • Identifying college options
  • College essays and applications
  • Financial literacy and FAFSA
  • Resumes and interview training
  • College visits and fairs

PiCS College

Low-income and first-generation students often lack the academic and professional mentorship that their peers receive.

They are less likely to know adults who attended college and are often navigating university and professional life alone.

PiCS Freshman Success Camp includes:

  • How to be successful in the college classroom
  • Interacting with college professors
  • College budgeting and cost-saving
  • Getting involved and fitting in
  • College internships and scholarships


PiCS Annual Events:

  • Networking PiCnic
  • Industry Partners Holiday Mixers for summer employment
  • Social and Athletic events to maintain strong connections among students, alumni, coaches and mentors

PiCture This

PiCture This is a program that directly provides early career support, giving students the opportunity to

  • meet local professionals
  • learn about various career options
  • develop professional relationships
  • participate in job shadows, internships, and career-focused mentoring.

Realizing their career goals, and making concrete plans to achieve them, motivates students to attend and graduate from college and equips them for early career success.

College graduation rates are well documented to improve with dedicated mentorship. While workshops focus on a variety of industries, we put additional emphasis on STEM careers.