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PiCS HighSchool

PiCS High School is our ACCESS program leveling the playing field with free assistance with:

First generation students have a 92% higher dropout rate than students with parents with college degrees

  • ACT/SAT prep

  • Identifying college options

  • College essays and applications

  • Financial literacy and FAFSA

  • Resumes and interview training

  • College visits and fairs

In California the average student to counselor ratio is 900:1 and college is only 20% of their job responsibilities

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PiCS College

PiCS College is our SUCCESS program supporting professional development, degree completion, and first jobs

85% of jobs are found through networking, and first-generation students have limited social capital

  • Transition to College

  • Scholarships and emergency aid

  • Resumes, Linkedin, and interviewing

  • Paid internships + summer jobs

  • Securing permanent career employment

  • Graduate school applications

Just 9% of low-income students earn a bachelor’s degree, compared with 77% of their wealthy peers

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PiCStem brings our college STEM majors to model and inspire college and career dreams to at-risk middle schoolers

8.5 million stable income jobs available in growing STEM fields

  • PiCS College mentors

  • Hands-on STEM activities

  • Field trips

  • Academic advising

  • Tutoring

  • Career exploration

Average salary in SD Biotech is $127k compared to SD's median salary of $84k

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